About Me

I’m a research & innovation consultant . . .

researching people’s behavior, lifestyle and business trends and translating them into business practices.
I have over 10 years international professional experience in R&D, E-Business, Market Research and Design.
I combine my research skills with consulting skills:
I facilitate workshops and create strategic frameworks, especially for innovation projects.
My interests lie in complex B2B environments, new technology, and Consumer Health. Wherever things get tricky :- )

Before setting up my own company SOCRATIZE, I worked at Daimler Benz (R&D)
Philips Consumer Electronics (E-Business) and Philips Design (Strategic Futures).
In addition, I published and trained at ESOMAR, Philips and AIOR.

I grew up in Germany, lived 12 years in the Netherlands, 2 years in Italy and now I’m back in Germany living near Cologne.
I work in German, English and Dutch and sometimes even Italian.

Travelling has always been my biggest passion. I conducted research in 23 countries and I traveled through many of them.
I especially enjoyed my work in the emerging markets in Asia where I worked hand-in-hand with my local colleagues.

I’m still on the move

2015/16 I follow a certified training as a systematic trainer for teams in organizations. It is a 2 years course at
the ifs (Institut für Systemische Familientherapie, Supervision und Organisationsentwicklung) in Essen.

I chose  COURSERA as to be able continue learning and studying next to my job. In 2014 I did the course:
Designing Artifacts in Society, Prof. Karl Ulrich University of Pennsylvania
You can check out my service design project Living with kids on the Course Blog.

I joined the German UPA (Usability Professionals Association) in 2014

My sources of inspiration

ESOMAR: European Society of Market Research: Since 2006, I’ve been attending the qualitative research conference and thankfully I will soon switch from participant to presenter and workshop facilitator. I participated in the Athens, Barcelona, Paris, Istanbul, Marrakesh, Barcelona, Vienna and Ho Chi Ming City conferences.

EPIC: Ethnographic Practitioners in Industry Conference,  I joined the 2008 Copenhagen and 2010 Tokyo conference and still have many active contacts.

AIOR: Academic Conference: I was only once in Vancouver in 2007 – and I remember fantastic keynote speeches

LIFT: Innovator Conference Geneva: Innovative conference format, great connections and legendary evening programs

TRANSMEDIALE: Festival for culture & technology: Great location, interesting formats and good vibes

Check out here some my resources here when it comes to design and innovation.

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