Systemic Coaching

SOCRATIZE offers systemic coaching


Why systemic coaching?

Systemic coaching is a solution-oriented process, which involves the entire context and takes a holistic view on your situation. This method is based on the idea that a ‘system’ itself holds the key for a potential solution. It’s not a fixed method but rather a framework that can be customized according to your specific situation.

There is not a fixed way of working, however systemic coaching follows a four-step process:

1 inform, 2 analyze, 3 intervene and 4 evaluate.

Systemic coaching is resource-based and solution-oriented, so that time is not wasted with painful problem analysis and the search for the origins of a conflict.


When systemic coaching can help?

Systemic coaching cannot only be used in situations of conflict, but in all occasions where people look for better options. Anywhere were teams and/or their context change systemic coaching can play a crucial role.


How I see myself as a systemic consultant

My curiosity motivates me to explore new environments and teams.

Due to my professional experience in the creative industries, I’m equipped with analytic techniques and with creative methods which I do practice in my work as innovation consultant. Empathy and authenticity are for me the basis for a trusting relationship and lively communication with my clients.

You are rewarded when you look behind the (verbal) veneer and really try to live up to your team or company culture!


I work in: Research & Development, Marketing, Service, IT, Social Media, health care and B2B.


New to the systemic approach?

Fundamental principles of the systemic coaching approach:

  • Structure information instead of judging them
  • Look for solutions instead of talking about problems
  • Individual expertise instead of external expertise
  • Multidimensionality instead of causality
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