SOCRATIZE Experience from A-Z:
Topics I worked on in the last years and questions I tried to answer for my clients:

ASIA: new emerging markets

How to do research in markets that are changing quickly and radically?

B2B Settings

How to engage with technicians, engineers, managers and professionals?

Contextual Research

How to set up and manage research in offices, stores, nursing homes, hospitals and people’s neighborhoods outside a studio setting?

Ethnographic Research

How to switch gears from asking questions, to observing and participating in the research topic?

Formats: new ways of doing things

How to change the way we present, communicate and interact with each other?

Getting Creative

How to learn from doing things together rather than talking?


How to innovate in a business that is highly regulated and known to be very conservative?

Multiple Stakeholders

How to ensure that no single point of view is taken for the total reality?

Mystery Shopping

How can we learn from people’s purchasing experience?

Online activity-based research

How to promote quality online research beyond cost and time effectiveness?

Usability to ‘User experience’

How to go from ‘can you use it’ to ‘are you happy using it’?

Systemic Coaching

How to look behind the verbal veneer of team and company culture?

Working with Teams

How to work best with teams?
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