Transforming company culture at PBI

Working with Point-Blank-International to innovate and transform the inner company culture 2012 -13 Change Management Process in 3 phases: Phase 1: Create Awareness – Introduce teamwork and a workshop culture Phase 2: Try out – New ways of working, new methods, new formats and a new form of client interaction Phase 3: New Service Development – Create new service offerings   More information: Slides for Webinar 2013 at the Design@Business Community

Online Collaboration in 2nd Life for Philips Design

2007 Philips Design Setting up and facilitating online collaboration and co-creating in 2nd Life Publication: S. Kozlov / N.Reinhold (2007) Play or not to Play – Can companies learn to be n00bs, LFG, and lvl-up in Second Life? AIOR – Conference.   You can download the paper here: AIOR Can companies learn to be n00bies

Training research methodolgy at ESOMAR

2009 -2011  Workshop: Moderating online qualitative Studies – Marrakesh, Athens, Barcelona, and Vienna 2012 Presenting at the Romanian National ESOMAR Event Bucharest 2013 Workshops: Trends in qualitative Research  – Ho Chi Ming City Local ESOMAR event: Romania May 2012 from SOCRATIZE See workshop schedule at the ESOMAR Website (European Sociaty of Market Research) or read details below: Copy from the ESOMAR Website: Moderating Online Immersive Qualitative Research Ethnographic inspired online approaches Workshop overview While early online qualitative research focused on replicating focus groups, new ethnographic inspired approaches to online qualitative research are… Read More

Bulkpowders E-Commerce

2014: Support rolling out German Webshop Looking at branding, naming, categorization, competition