Working with Teams

How to best work with teams? Or, how to work with teams so that they work by themselves?

I have been working with a large variety of professionals and organizations – internationally and locally. This allowed me to get inspired, try out new ideas and experiment. I do not think that I found a standard solution. Nevertheless there is one principal that I do find very true:

Tell me, I’ll forget. Show me, I may remember. But involve me, and I’ll understand. Chinese Proverb

Important for successful team work is a shared shared values and ideas. To develop these and put them in practice is a process that does not happen over night, nore can it be executed top down. It has to become part of the working culture of an organization. I have facilitated such processes and look forward to develop this type of work further.

In 2015 I will start a certification program as a systematic trainer for teams and organizations. It is a 2 years course at the IFS (Institut für Systemische Familientherapie, Supervision und Organisationsentwicklung) in Essen Germany.


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