Online activity-based research

How to promote quality of online research besides cost and time savings?

Mystery Shopping

How can we learn from people’s purchase experience?

ASIA: new emerging markets

How to do research in markets in markets that are changing quickly and radically?

Working with Teams

How to best work with teams?

Getting Creative

How to get from analyzing to find new solutions?

Formats: new way of doing things

How to change the way we present, communicate and interact with each other?

Contextual Research

How to set up and manage research offices, stores, nursing homes, hospitals and people’s neighborhoods outside a studio setting?

B2B Research

How to engage with technicians, engineers, managers and professionals?

Trend Research Asian Lifestyle

This multi-client project was developed during several field trips to China, Japan, Singapore, South Korea from 2007 -2011. The research covers: architecture, urban living, shopping, hospitality, food and personal care products. I created a photo book for this multi client project and you can preview the photo book of Asian Lifestyle here

Digital Lifestyle Philips Design

2007 Studying people’s online Lifestyle in India and the US by engaging for over 2 weeks online This is the first online project that I did with the Revelation Research platform and the first time that Revelation’s platform was used for an international study. The study formed the basis for developing an online ‘activity-based’ research approach. The study was presented at ESOMAR Qualitative Conference in Paris, after which many presentations, webinars, trainings and methodological consultancy for online qualitative research followed. Publications: N.Reinhold / K. Lendup Bhutiaia (2008) La visite virtuelle a domicile: Les motivations profondes des gens dans… Read More