Digital Lifestyle Philips Design

2007 Studying people’s online Lifestyle in India and the US by engaging for over 2 weeks online

This is the first online project that I did with the Revelation Research platform and the first time that Revelation’s platform was used for an international study. The study formed the basis for developing an online ‘activity-based’ research approach. The study was presented at ESOMAR Qualitative Conference in Paris, after which many presentations, webinars, trainings and methodological consultancy for online qualitative research followed.


N.Reinhold / K. Lendup Bhutiaia (2008) La visite virtuelle a domicile: Les motivations profondes des gens dans le monde virtuel. In : revue Francaise du Marketing, Decembre – No. 220A.

N. Reinhold / K. Lendup Bhutiaia (2007) The Virtual Homevisit – Identifying people’s insights in the virtual environment.

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